Ben Grzenia & Diana Chu, Milwaukee, Wis. 2019



Two makers, at your service.

Our handiwork involves a special recipe of experimentation, curiosity, and positive vision. One part intuition and one part process, this collaborative duo shares backgrounds in illustration, printmaking and graphic design. bearbear's best practices draw from almost a decade of relevant industry experience. Select clients include Barnes & Noble, The New York Times and Eagle Park Brewing Co. You could be next.

Jump in, the lake's fine.

Our approach is holistic. We’re hands-on to turn heads, open minds and touch hearts. Cheesy enough? We're based in Milwaukee and a big fan of America's Dairyland — locally grown, yet intergalactically minded.

Work With Us

Let's connect through our sameness and leverage our differences. Ben and Diana make an intercultural team who strives to establish a safe, inclusive, and nuanced collaboration style. Reach out if you have a new narrative to share; we're here to help.