bearbear offers risography services using a RZ1090 RISO machine. We currently have colors Sky Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Yellow, Metallic Gold and Black. We are located in Milwaukee, WI.

Risograph Printing in Milwaukee


Intro to Risograph Printing
Risography uses eco-friendly, soy-based inks to create unique and vibrant prints. The machine prints one color layer at a time (limited only to how many colors we can stock!) through a finely-meshed screen, similar to screen printing. The printer works incredibly fast, up to 180 pages per minute, and at high volume. Its print quality, specialty inks and cost efficiency makes it a champion in the book arts, zine world and beyond.

How It Works
This Japanese technology originated in the 1980’s for office use. It was designed to span the gap between traditional offset printing and at-home ink or laserjet methods. Our RZ1090U is a single drum digital duplicator (pictured in our basement). It can scan or receive digital image files to print in serial. The duplicator uses a cylindrical drum that has a metal screen wrapped around the outside with ink held inside. The printer creates a mask, or ‘master’, out of a wax-like paper for the cylinder to wear. As the cylinder spins, the ink is pressed through the the mask onto the paper with each rotation. The printed paper is fed back through the printer for the next color layer after registration. Slight misregistration or layer separations contribute to the charm of this craft.

We currently stock the following colors:
BLACK — #000000
SKY BLUE — ##4982CF
FLUORESCENT ORANGE — #FF7477 (True fluorescent)
METALLIC GOLD — #AC936E (Iridescent shimmer)
Colors can layer atop each other at different opacities to optically mix / create new ones. We approximate CMYK with Sky Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Yellow/Metallic Gold, and Black to create a special, vintage look.

We print single or double sided. Text weight (75gsm) to cover weight (250gsm). Maximum 11in x 17in (Tabloid). Trimming, scoring, and binding services available. Special paper orders may affect our turnaround time.

We Print Your Projects
Currently accepting project proposals in 2019. Art prints, zines, band posters, wedding stationery, party invites, business cards — reach out for a quote! Send heybearbear at an outline of your vision, your contact info and pronouns if applicable, and desired print quantity. We are based in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, WI. Stop by for a demo.