Risograph Printing from Milwaukee


Risograph Printing?
Risography consists of a digital duplicator (seen above) that uses eco-friendly, soy based inks that allow for unique and bright colored prints. The machine prints one color layer at a time through a metal screen, similar to screen printing. The printer can work incredibly fast, capable of speeds of 180 pages per minute, as the original purpose of these machines were business oriented. These high speeds allow for larger volumes, time saving and cost efficiency in printmaking, allowing for opportunities in unique styles of book making, posters, art prints and more.

The duplicator uses a cylindrical drum that has a metal screen wrapped around the outside with the ink held inside. The printer creates a mask, or ‘master’, out of a wax-like paper for the cylinder to wear. As the cylinder spins, the ink is pressed through the open parts of the mask onto the paper during each rotation.